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Authority Media develops content, media and software to empower WordPress Authority Publishers through and The WordPress Authorities Podcast. As the architect of the information and production I was able to envision a complex but fully integrated strategy that served not only as market research, but also as inbound, content marketing the foundation of our front-end funnel as well as the development of our service offering. No one aspect was isolated in it's value or application.

——- ✓- Produced a Podcast in Show Segments to Create Multiple Episodes Per Interview
——- ✓- Interviews designed as market research to discover pain-points in the WP Plugin Market
——- ✓- Show implemented seasons to create pauses in production & “feature topics” each season
——- ✓- Segment Stacking; combined segments to create standalone pieces (report, video etc.)
——- ✓- Web App: Post Base Tag Classes Tool: Auto-Links related Content Objects
——- ✓- Plugins Developed to Satisfy Pain-Points Discovered During Interviews (Business Builder)
——- ✓- Website Research Tool; Web-App aggregates data/content on each featured site

Episode #1 - Album Cover
Podcast Production
Podcast Episode Cover

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