VISUALiiZE is my current Spec Project that I am developing UI/UX for, pondering requirements and researching potential use cases as I prepare to dive headlong into Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality (or whatever people are going to call it when it matures.

As usual I envision VISUALiiZE will be led enveloped by a content a research media network where I can learn abou the space, provide value for the market and hone the flagship product in parallel.

The taglines are “Interactive Intention” and “SEE iT, BE iT” and all graphics in the identity will reflect these two “I's”. I have worked on the name and identity for years, rolling around the idea of the dichotomy of creation. “If you build they will come”, “I'll believe it when I see it”, “If you can dream it, you can do it” are all examples of the intrinsic knowledge that seemingly anything we visualize we can actualize.


Mobile App - Observe - Heart Rate Variability


Functionally this concept will be the backbone of the applications as well, which will be comprise of first “Observing” or documenting the current reality, and secondly “Modelling” or projecting the ideal reality we seek to obtain.

Content will focus on tools and tech that allow us to both, in various industries and disciplines with a focus on Wellness and Performance since my experience in both spaces have led me to a certainty that we indeed “see the future” and then endeavor to make it a reality. Yeah, this should be fun.

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