The Master Cleanse

Demand Generation

The Master Cleanse is a niche leading content website, turned social network which through mid-2016 has received over 14 million visits has nearly 200,000 subscribers through email and social networks like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest.

Launched in 2007 because I need to experiment with Blogging to discover tips and techniques to offer to my clients in my Website Development Company (OneWebsite), this detox diet has earned nearly $500,000 in profit and generated close to $5 Million Dollars in sales for our advertising partners.

  • Ranked #1 for 100+ Highly Competitive Keywords
  • Generated over 10 Million Visitors to
  • 12,845 + Backlinks Built or Earned
  • 1,080 Indexed Pages on
  • 100,000 + Email Subscribers
  • 75,000 + Social Subscribers
  • Automated Demand Generation System
Website Home Page
Website Home Page

First, a study in SEO, we ranked and dominated over 1,000 Keywords included #1 in every top search in our Niche, quickly became focused on the Integrated Media strategy being honed by OneWebsite which seeks to build holistic content from the Community and for the Community.

Products Include:

  • The Master Cleanse Roadmap – Infographic
  • The Group Cleanse: Master Cleanse M.E.
  • Lose Weight “F.A.S.T.” Report
  • Zero to Master Cleanser
  • 30 Days to Master Cleansing
  • Master Cleanse (My Experience) Journals
  • The Master Cleanse Program


Product - Book - Zero To Master Cleanser
Product - 30 Days to Master Cleansing
Product - 30 Days to Master Cleansing
Product - Master Cleanse Coach

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