Product Management


I was originally brought on for general consulting to provide direction towards developing a Media Business and subsequent Content Strategies that might be utilized. My role expanded over time to include more detailed aspects of developing the Product Definition and feature discovery specifically for the Web App portal through User Interface Design which led into Engagement, User Experience and Growth Hacking .

  • C-Level Consulting¬†– Media Company Development
  • Funnel Development and Conversion Optimization
  • Email Marketing and Automation – InfusionSoft
  • Market Research and Influencers Sourcing / Outreach
  • SEO Evaluation – Keyword Research, Content Strategy
  • Designed and Developed the Team Site – WP, Programming
  • Video Production, Script, Screen Capture etc.
  • Analytics – User Engagement, Retention
  • Web Portal Functional Specs and Design
  • Mobile App – Tutorial Wizard UI Design
  • Mobile Web Optimization Design, Development and Testing
  • Funnel Visualization, Analytics, Tracking, Documentation

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