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OneDash is the Evolution of OneWebsite which serves as the ultimate Dashboard for a Website (Centric) Business to monitor the entire funnel from Traffic Acquisition to Customer Value Optimization.

This user interface integrates with many sources of data and complementary WebBiz SaaS providers like Email and Marketing Automation services (like InfusionSoft) and Information Product marketplaces like Clickbank.

Data compilers like SEG metrics contribute data porting while tools like Zapier helps with Data Mapping. In the end, the Website Business Owner (WBO) can see the health of their business for a high level and then drill down into each component and/or related metric or Key Performance Indicator (KPI) to learn its origin, history, and tips to improve the score through business process optimization.

OneDash - SaaS
DevFlow - Business System

OneWebsite was my first real business and my only “brick and mortar” business. It's still operational, but has significantly changed in it's vision, from originally being a local entry-level WordPress based website development company, then to a Training Company which taught clients how to use Content Marketing specifically and Digital Marketing generally to get their websites found. Now, OneWebsite builds solutions for website owners to manage their business through their central hub that is their Website.

  • Developed 127 WordPress Sites for 67 Clients since 2005
  • Custom Build Theme Framework (SuPremium Theme)
  • 14 Plugins Developed – 3 Released on
  • 1,247 Hours of Training and Sales Videos Produced

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