Milton’s Secret Movie

Integrated Media Production

Milton’s Secret Movie

Milton's Secret, the latest work, a book for children by New York Times Best-Selling Author, Eckhart Tolle is in production of a Movie, Web Content and Applications and Gaming Platforms to deliver the message of the book, which is the aim of Conscious Parenting, or Parenting In the Now based on Eckart's teachings form such books as “The Power of Now” and “A New Earth”

——- ✓- Provided Integrated Media strategy for feature film development alongside Digital Media
——- ✓- Developed 7 figure budgets for Integrated Media Production Strategy
——- ✓- Developed detailed Content Marketing ROI Projects for use in Investor Outreach
——- ✓- Delivered Market Research on Content Opportunities is the Space and Related Spaces
——- ✓- Facilitated Joint Venture Opportunities from my network for Marketing Initiatives
——- ✓- Consulted on record setting Crowdfunding Campaign that raised over $350,000
——- ✓- Developed and Art Directed Website Development
——- ✓- Developed Web App for Crowdfunding that realized an ROI of 1146.35%
——- ✓- Generated 234 Contributions for a total of $24,927 in new revenue.

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