Linked Into Leads

Product Management

Linked Into Leads

Part-time C-Level consulting on product development, responsible for creating a system of tools and procedures for staff to use to work with clients in order to fulfill their projects. Procedures included Market Research for clients Industries, finding Companies to target, and Contacts within those Companies to target. Each were scored with a custom algorithm which were then systematically engage through various methods and scored (qualified) given their responses to these “touches” Qualified contacts became leads, and where further integrated into a CRM for further relationship building.

The system also included targeting Groups, Influencers both in and out of LinkedIn as well as detailed messaging strategies down to message copy.

In one Case-Study, we took 3 resources to discover 541 Companies that qualified a list of 100 Companies to target. This yielded 254 Contacts that were contacted through 125 Group Mail Messages inside of 91 Groups. From this cohort we developed 20 Opportunities and closed 1 deal resulting in an immediate sale of $25,000 and $2,000,000 into the pipeline.


  • Developed and Productized and Service Offering of Lead Generation on LinkedIn
  • Created all Supporting Documentation required for Hiring, Training and Scaling
  • Hired and trained first employees to facilitate the service we developed
  • Documented and Filmed Speaking Events and Training for Promotional Materials
  • Developed Online Training Course with Founder Trevor Turnbull
  • Online Sales as a result grew to over $20,000 per month from developed training material

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