I am a Strategist, Designer and Entrepreneur who designs and develops solutions for business and pleasure.

I am currently focused on developing my own WordPress Authority Sites, or Multi-Media / Content Website Communities utilizing WordPress, BuddyPress and several custom built WordPress Plugins and Themes. I do take clients, and students through my various ventures, and you can also contact me here.

A Short (Professional) Hockey Career

It isn't long before I end up revealing to most people that I meet that I used to play professional hockey. I gave it up early because I realized that the potential paths to my ideal achievement, the NHL, were quickly diminishing. In the face of that reality, I chose to spend my early adult years chasing other dreams. I went to school in Michigan on a full scholarship and I played all over North America on teams in cities such as Mobile, Little Rock, Fort Worth, Wichita, and San Angelo. I even had a short stint with The Canadian Mens National Team in 1998. That was an amazing experience, and an achievement that I hang my hat on with respect to hockey.

Visual Communications, Graphic Design, and Multimedia

I went to University on 2 occasions. The first time around was on my hockey scholarship. I left my senior year to play for Team Canada and professionally. I did achieve an associate in Visual Communication in the school of Business. At this time (1995-1997), computer graphics was just becoming the norm, and the internet was just taking hold. Therefore there was only 1 class in my whole course-load on making websites. We did however learn the principals of design from amazing teachers who's skills were honed at Herman Miller in Grand Rapids Michigan

Blogging, Content Website Businesses, and WordPress Authority Sites

As I realized where the money, and my interest was aligned with, I quickly built as a test site to see what I could do with it. So I cast into the sea of blogs, a few pages, on a poorly crafted custom theme, and waited for a nibble. Months passed before a few dollars rolled in, without any effort on my part. But, each time a dollar rolled in, that nibble was enough for me to tow-the-line, and I continued to experiment with more content, SEO, and all that goes with what usually starts with blogging, turns into a money making website-business, and hopefully becomes an authority on the subject and in the niche, which I would cautiously claim to have achieved with 5 years running at #1 in Google for the very popular keyword “Master Cleanse”.

Integrated Media Productions

This is a term that I either coined or adopted, I don't know for sure, but it comes from the “Holistic” view of life, and therefore design, information and business. When I think of a topic, I think of every type of content that can be produced around that topic, and how the production and topic iteself are integrated. If one starts from Zero, and endeavours to build a Million Dollar Website Business, the shortest path is to know the parts, and build them with the whole in mind.

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